Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need before I can start to learn?

A. You need to be at least 17 years old and hold a valid provisional licence. You can either apply online or complete a Form D1, available from the Post Office. You are able to apply up to 3 months before your 17th birthday.

Q. How many lessons will I need?

A. Just like learning any new skill, individuals will learn and progess at different rates. Statistics from the Driving Standards Agency show that on average learners will have 45 hours of professional tuition alongside 22 hours of private practice. This is however an average and many people will pass with fewer lessons. Your personalised tuition plan will be adapted to suit your individual needs and prepare you for ‘Safe Driving for Life’.

Q. Do you recommend practice between lessons?

A. Definately, provided you have an accompanying driver and a suitable vehicle that you are insured to drive. I can offer professional advice to your supervising driver on what to work on and how to adapt instruction accordingly. We all want you to be a ‘Safe Driver for Life’.

Q. What is a Theory Test?

A. The Theory test is in 2 parts: 50 multiple choice questions and 14 Hazard Perception video clips. You must pass both parts to be eligible to book a Practical driving test. For information on revision guides please see the TSO website.

Q. How do I book a Theory Test?

A. You can book on-line via the DSA website – Theory Test

Q. Do I have to pass a Theory test before I can start lessons?

A. No but you have to pass your Theory test before you can book a Practical driving test. Practical lessons will compliment you theory studies.

Q. How do I book a Practical Driving Test?

A. You can book on-line via the DSA website – Practical Test

Q. What is Pass Plus?

A. Pass Plus is a 6-part training course developed to help new drivers gain experience in towns, dual carriageways and motorways, out of town/rural roads, all weather and night driving.

Q. I passed my test some time ago, can I still have motorway lessons?

A. Yes. Refresher lessons are available for all aspects of driving regardless of how long you’ve held a licence.